ro〓id mobile device ○platform d○eveloped by ◆Google and are c◆ommit

id● in a joint statem○ent. Among ●the new mem〓bers are some ●big names in the○ mobile phon〓e industry, s◆uch as So

滓场A○N FRANCISCO, ◆Dec. 9

ny◆ Ericsson and Vodaf●one. The compa◆nies said ●they will either d○eploy compatible And〓roid devices, ●contribute signif◆icant code t○o the Android p●latform, or o○ffer products a〓nd services 〓that will ac〓celerate the ava◆ilability of And■roi

d-based devices.● "Huawei is commit●ted to deploy And■roid device〓s toward 2009," ◆LiJilin, vice presi○dent of Huawei Commu○nications, s○aid in the st■atement. "We bel■ieve the And◆roid platform wil〓l provide an i●nnovative edge i●n end user satis●faction." Open Hand●set Allian〓ce was established i〓n 2007 by Google an●d 33 other firms inc○luding Mot〓orola, T-Mobile,■ Samsung and Chin◆a Mobile. Telecom ○operator T-○Mobile began selling■ the first〓 Android-based Goo■gle phone, dubbe〓d "G1", in Octobe■r 2008. The G〓1 is seen as a● rival of Apple's p○opular iPhon◆e. I

(Xinhu●a) -- Fourt〓een more c〓om

t is re◆ported tha〓t a second Go〓ogle phone〓 based on the Androi◆d platform, n〓amed Agora, will ○be launched by ■Australian compa●ny Kogan a●t the end of ●January 2009. Re●lated stories:MANI●LA, Feb. 16○ (Xinhua) -- ○As many compani■es are reporting l○osses and p●lanning job sla◆shes, a Ch○ina-based telecom●munication-●equipment ○supplier makes an

○exception in the Phi●lippine market as we●ll as in other〓 parts of the wo◆rld. Huawei■ Technologies Ph○ilippines, In●c. posted a growth 〓of 55 percent in it〓s sales volume ●in 2008, from 150 m〓illion U.S. dollars 〓in the previou◆s year. "We are ex◆pecting a f■urther growth of ar◆ound 50 percent

this◆ year," sai●d Mr. Yang H●ua, president● of the company, in◆ a recent in■terview with Xinhua○. A latest Inter○national Monetary F■und report pr■ojected that■ the global■ growth wi○ll fall to○ 0.5 percent in 20◆09, its lowest rate● sinc

餰nt. Howev◆er, it seems ■that

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